Download CCleaner 1.19.108

CCleanerCCleaner is a tools that is easy to use, with just a click you can clean and optimize your computer in seconds. It helps to clean the computer and run it faster instantly. As the computer gets old it collects unused junk files which takes up a large space of your computer making it slower. It cleans up the pc and erase and all the junk and used files. Ccleaner helps you to browse safely as it clears your browser search history and cookies so it helps you to keep your browser surfing confidential making your identity anonymous. Sometimes you faces error and crashes due to the cluttered registry.

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Download CCleaner 1.19.105

CCleanerAlmost 2 billion of people have already trusted CCleaner to be the best cleaner for your PC. It is the top most reliable software to clean your PC. It will be more faster, more secure and reliable after you use it on your PC. It helps the PC to remove all the junk files that are harmful for your PC. It assure you that your computer is safe and free from any harmful software that can reduce the life of your PC. There are many third party application who leave junk files behind such as eMule, media player, Microsoft office which CCleaner cleans. It helps to remove all the unused files, remove cookies, temporary files that harm your operating system and resulting in the reduction of the harmful and unused files. CCleaner helps to remove the waste and increase the speed of your computer, and also removing the data also helps in browsing online more safely.

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Download CCleaner 1.18.101

CCleanerIn this techy era, our biggest help is our smartphone. However, sometimes our biggest help needs help due to the junk files which makes our phone hang again and again. We do not understand the fact that our phone also needs to be clean time to time internally. The system of your smartphone gets full and the credit goes to those junk files, cookies and cache. These are highly unwanted things but will be found in all of us phones. And since it is hard to detect where it is, we can take the help of a cleaning app. And yes, we’ve found one for you. You can try downloading Ccleaner on your phone in order to remove those junk files and make your phone hang free. Ccleaner will speed up your phone and will make more storage available for further apps. It supports all windows, android and mac as well. It comes in both free and premium version.

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Download CCleaner 1.18.099

CCleanerTechnology has made our lives easier. No doubt, we live a better life now where we save so much time by using technology. For eg, earlier we use to remember or note down the contact numbers. But now we simply save it to your phones. But good things comes with big responsibility. We all have smartphones now. But we also have a responsibility to clean it. and by cleaning, I mean the internal cleaning of phone. Otherwise, your phone will keep hanging regularly. But do we really have enough time to do so? Um? I don’t think so. And this is the reason this app Ccleaner can be a great help to you. It is a smartphone cleaning app which clears out all the junk of your phone and makes it easy and gives some space to download the apps. The app is easy to use and easy to access. Let us learn more about it.

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Download CCleaner 1.17.094

CCleanerOur system always gets full because of unwanted junk files. These files are not what we have downloaded, instead these are some cache, cookies and registry files which get saved automatically in your computer and phones. Ccleaner is the application that helps you in cleaning these unwanted junk from your system. It comes in free as well as premium version where you would have to pay for its advanced features. Your system gets good speed after the app cleans your device. With better speed you would more storage available. It supports windows, Mac and android.

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Download CCleaner 1.17.090

CCleanerTired of junk files which makes your phone full and does not let you download any app? If the problem is same, why don’t you try Ccleaner? Basically, it is an app which can be used in PC, MAC and windows as well. The app cleans out the junk from your device and also boosts it. Be it the cache, junk files, duplicate photo or viruses, you can clean out everything from this app. This app is free of cost and is also available in 47 different languages which you can use accordingly. It also has a pro version which requires some amount to be paid but it has many benefits with better safety. But if you do not wish to pay anything, use the free version and trust me, it works good too. By using this, the speed of your device will be increased and you will not get those annoying hang issues. It will also scan the apps before installing them into your smart phone to protect you from the virus.

Changelogs of Ccleaner 1.17.090

  • Updation of firefox cleaning to remove the downloading history.
  • Addition of confirmation message box in CCleaner.
  • Addition of analyze mode to scan without deleting.
  • Addition of startup program list.
  • Updation of power archiver cleaning.
  • Addition of cleaning for- DVD Shrink eTrust EZ Antivirus, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Adobe acrobat reader, Tive Desktop, VNCViewer Zipmagic, ZoneAlarm, GetRight and etc.
  • Fixes bugs

How to install Ccleaner 1.17.090?

  • Download the file from the given link.
  • Enable unknown sources and click install.
  • Once installed, you can use it.

Download CCleaner

Download CCleaner 1.16.084

CCleanerCCleaner from Piriform is a well known cleaning application. It is famous for its quick action protection protocols. The real time monitoring and grade – A virus protection while surfing the internet is what makes it the best in league cleaning app. Not also has scheduled cleaning sessions so the computer speed is enhanced automatically. It helps with keeping your computer safe from all sorts of unsafe elements. The free version is absolutely free and works perfectly without the Pro version upgrade but if you do upgrade to the Pro version it comes with added benefits to keep your device safe as well as to maintain your privacy.

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Download CCleaner 1.16.082

  • CCleanerDo you have the phone or computer hanging issue? If yes, why don’t you try CC Cleaner? Let’s learn what is it about. CC Cleaner is one of the most used phone cleaner apps through which you can make your phone junk free. All of us nowadays download many apps and our phone starts hanging. All what we do is to clean those apps. However, sometimes there are some temporary files, cookies, and junk available in our phone which makes it slow. But with the help of CC Cleaner, we can clean our device and remove all those unwanted temporary files, junk data, cookies and a lot more. Because of this, our phone becomes free and better. And the best part of this app is that it is free of cost. You don’t need to spend a single penny to buy it.

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